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Theogeek's Nat20

by TheoGeek

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(The Brutal Barbarian icon was designed by Glassstaff ([email protected]) who has granted me the rights to use his icon in association with my extensions within Fantasy Grounds in any way, but not for redistribution outside of this extension, forge, for printing, or use in any other application.  Please honor that licensing.)

I created this extension to give the user the ability to distinguish between a normal critical hit and a natural 20, mainly to handle the case of weapons that do extra damage when a natural 20 is rolled. Critical hits and natural 20s are like rectangles and squares…all natural 20s are criticals, but not all criticals are natural 20s. So, while a nat20 is a critical hit, it is sometimes handled differently than other critical hits. For example, a sword of sharpness deals extra damage only if a 20 is rolled (14 or 4d6 depending on the rules you are using.)

For a more detailed description, see the forum entry here.

Current version: 6.4

  • 6.4: Add option for Nat20's to ignore crit immunity (per RAW, defaults to "Yes")
  • 6.3.1: Bugfix for how effects string is recreated
  • 6.3: Add PFRPG2-Legacy support
  • 6.2: Bugfix for conflict with Clock Adjuster extension
  • 6.1.6: Fix PFRPG2 output of "[NATURAL 20]"
  • 6.1.5: Cleanup code and fix PF2 bug. It works, but doesn't display [NATURAL 20].
  • 6.1.4: Bugfix to handle ADV/DIS correctly. Thanks for the report MrDDT and nephranka!

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