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5E Effects Coding - Class Features

by rob2e

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5E Effects Coding - Class Features

Do you play or DM Fantasy Grounds D&D 5E?

This delivers all of the coding effects for class features for the PC sheet Actions tab in drag and drop format! DMs and players viewing the combat tracker will always know the status of any effect, where the effects are applied, and who the PC is on the rare occasion that a feature has concentration. No more stopping your game to code features. Drag, drop, KEEP PLAYING!

Fantasy Grounds coding for all 13 classes (plus Blood Hunter, Defier, and Dragon Lord) done right.


Abjure Enemy

This package will build effects as follows:

Cast: WIS saving throw

Effect: Abjure Enemy; IF: TYPE (fiend,undead); DISSAV: wisdom (1 min)

Effect: Abjure Enemy; Speed halved (1 min)

With EACH feature that has or needs effects, titles are applied and concentration notes and times are provided.

Also for easier use for both players and DMs -

In the class feature titles, there will usually be symbols.

This is the key for those symbols:

(60) - Range - this will be a range in feet 30, 60, 90, etc.

(T) Touch

(C) Concentration

(B) Bonus Action

(R) Reaction

This will be a great time saver for players and ESPECIALLY DMs!

I welcome suggestions and feedback. Please let me know. And feel free to adjust accordingly.


Any errors found, please let me know, I will publish corrections immediately!

Rob Twohy | rob2e




Twitter: @rob2e

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