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Premade NPCs 01 - Wizards

by Grimlore

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Your players deserve fully fleshed-out Non-Player Characters, with detailed motivations and accompanying art!

This Premade Non-Player Character (NPC) pack includes 25 unique Wizards, with all the resources you need to bring each NPC to life in your game:

  • Detailed NPC Descriptions, including: Appearance, Personality Traits, Background, Motivations, Abilities, and Alignment
  • Voice and Speech patterns so you can quickly assume the persona of your NPC
  • Multiple Plot Hooks have been detailed so you can easily integrate these NPCs in your games
  • Setting & Ruleset Agonistic, meaning you can use these NPCs at any table
  • Digital Assets for each NPC: frame-breaking token, portrait, and art handout

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