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Player Combat Tracker Targeting

by Steeleyes

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This extension allows players to target from the combat tracker like the DMs do. The players get a target icon on the combat tracker that allows them to open a small sub-section that contains a list of icons for currently targeted tokens and two additional buttons (drag to target and clear all targets).

  • Clicking on a target icon will clear that target.
  • Drag and drop onto the battle map will add a token to the target list.
  • Drag and drop onto the combat tracker will add a token to the target list.

The extension is built around CoreRPG and has been tested with 5E, 4E, 3.5E, 2E and Pathfinder2 using Fantasy Grounds v4.5.1 (2024-03-12)

v0.1: Initial release.
v0.2: Allow players to drop targets on to the battle map as well.
v0.3: Fix the display for FG 3.3.6
v0.4: Fix bug to allow players to target by dragging the target icon onto the map
--- FGU and Forge from here ---
v0.5: Update to FGU CoreRPG style combat tracker and resolve frame_ctsub depreciated warnings.
v0.6: Update to allow access to friend/cohort target windows

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