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Strings and Pins

by Egheal

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You will find 4 string brushes (yellow, red, green and blue) with 4 pins and 12 knots to simulate a detective board.

They will appear in your assets. Search for Pins, Strings and knots.

The knots are optional, they are here to make some variety for ending a string. You can easily end strings by doing a short string were you want to put the pin or a short circle that will look like a knot.

Also you will find 20 images for cork boards. With Modern, 1920, Fallout, Blade Runner and even Medieval ambiances!

Those are modified AI generated and/or hand made images.

You will find also 18 sticky notes and 2 paper clips to fix them on your photos/documents.

This can work greatly with the awesome free extension "Points of Interest" by Saagael. 

Now with a "dry-erase" white board and 4 "magnets" and 4 old style metal pins.

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