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Mad Nomad's Spellcaster Helper

by Mad Nomad

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Introducing "Spellcaster Helper" - your indispensable companion for mastering the mystical arts within the realms of Fantasy Grounds 5E! Designed with spellcasting adventurers in mind, this extension revolutionizes the way you wield your magical prowess, streamlining your gameplay and enhancing your overall experience.

Key Features:

  1. Auto-Updating Cantrip Damage: Say farewell to manaully changing your cantrip damage every few levels! With Spellcaster Helper, your cantrip damage is automatically updated.

  2. Automated Upcasting: Harness the full potential of your spells by effortlessly upcasting them to higher levels. Whether you're unleashing a fireball or bolstering your allies with healing magic, Spellcaster Helper let's you specify what level you are casting at and handles the calculations for you.

  3. Enhanced Spell Tracking and Management: Provides clear summary of spells known and prepared, so you don't have to keep checkign the rules on how many you should have every time you level up. Also automates marking off spell slots so you can better keep track of those elements.

  4. Seamless Chat Integration: Communicate your spellcasting intentions with ease using integrated chat features. Announce your chosen spells to your fellow adventurers with convenient links to their descriptions, fostering collaboration and strategic planning within your gaming group.

Demo Video

MNM Spellcaster Helper Demo 

Required Extensions

MNM Core (free)

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Extension General Reminder
It is impossible to ensure all extensions work with each other, so I can't guarantee there will not be conflicts. Even with FGU updates, functional extensions can break. I can't guarantee this extension will always work, but I do my best to keep extensions updated ASAP. This is also an initial release and there will likely be some bugs I will have to work out in the first week or so. Especially with less common rulesets. So please contact me on my Discord if you find any issues.

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