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Entrail's Divine Tokens & Portraits

by LordEntrails

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Each has a token, portrait and standup (3D) image. The top-down token and standup images (for the 3Dview) are found in Assets Tokens and the portrait images are found in Assets Portraits. These include images for the following:

  • Acolyte Drow Female
  • Acolyte Human Female
  • Acolyte Human Female Mace (*New 4/19/24*)
  • Acolyte Human Male
  • Acolyte Kelemvite Elf Male
  • Acolyte Kelemvite Human Female
  • Acolyte Noble
  • Cultist Dwarf Female
  • Cultist Elf Female
  • Cultist Elf Male
  • Cultist HalfOrc Male
  • Cultist Human Female
  • Cultist Human Male
  • High Priest Human Female
  • Priest Aarakocra
  • Priest Dwarf Female
  • Priest Dwarf Female Hammer (*New 4/19/24*)
  • Priest Dwarf Male Hammer Insane (*New 4/19/24*)
  • Priest Genasi Female
  • Priest HalfOrc Male
  • Priest Kelemvite Elder Male
  • Priest Kelemvite Human Female (*New 4/19/24*)
  • Priest Purifier
  • Priest Tiefling Female
  • Priest Tiefling Male Staff (*New 4/19/24*)
  • Priest Torm Dwarf Male (*New 4/19/24*)
  • Wererat Cultist

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