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Entrail's Arcane Tokens & Portraits

by LordEntrails

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Each has a token, portrait and standup (3D) image. The top-down tokens are found in the Assets Tokens and standup images (for the 3Dview) are found in Assets Images and the portrait images are found in Assets Portraits. These include images for the following:

  • Sorcerer Gnome Male
  • Sorcerer Human Female Staff
  • Sorcerer Human Female
  • Sorcerer Human Male
  • Wizard Elf Female Dragonstaff
  • Wizard Elf Female Wand
  • Wizard Female Winged Staff
  • Wizard Hafling Female Wand
  • Wizard Human Male Staff 2
  • Wizard Human Male Staff
  • Wizard Human Noble
  • Wizard Tiefling Female

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