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Explorer Goals Map Pack 3 - VR Arena 1.0

by DanDizz

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"VR Arena 1.0" transports you to a futuristic arena where teams face off against waves of enemies in a variety of dynamic environments. This meticulously crafted map pack features four distinct maps: Rooftop, Archipelago, City Street, and Research Facility.

Each map is designed to provide unique challenges and exciting encounters. From the high vantage points and tight spaces of the Rooftop to the expansive, floating islands of the Archipelago, each environment offers a new test of skill and strategy. Navigate the urban warfare of the City Street or uncover the secrets of the Research Facility as you push your team to the limits.

Prepare for an unforgettable journey through these vividly detailed maps, designed to enhance your tabletop gaming experience and bring "VR Arena 1.0" to life.

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