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Post-apocalyptic Crossroads battle maps

by Amatsu999

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Explore the Crossroads Catastrophe battle maps

"Crossroads" offers a versatile post-apocalyptic setting, perfect for tense survivor interactions, quests around the stranded boat, or battles against mutated creatures. This forsaken crossroads challenges players with strategic choices, where every corner hides danger or opportunity.

📏 Size: Dive into the expansive post-apocalyptic narrative on a vast 23x30 square canvas. This desolate rural intersection encapsulates dusty crossroads surrounded by remnants of abandoned cars, offering both obstacles and potential resources for survivors.

🚪 Interior and Exterior: Navigate through the outer chaos and inner mysteries of "Crossroads." The exterior mirrors rural desolation, with scattered debris around abandoned cars. Venture inward to discover the secrets of a beached boat on a trailer, hinting at its displacement from its original environment.

⚔️ Variations: Immerse yourself in different atmospheres with varied versions of "Crossroads." From haunting nighttime scenes to other renditions, each introduces a unique layer of post-apocalyptic ambiance, challenging players with strategic choices in every corner.

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