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Private DM Notes on Items

by Eldarc

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Private DM Notes on Items

This extension allows the DM to annotate private notes on items that the players will never see, even if the item has been shared and identified.

Legal Stuff
This extension includes mechanics from the game system it is written for but does not include content and other copyright protected material. This extension is not licensed, endorsed or sanctioned by the games copyright holders. Some parts of the code in this ruleset may be copyright SmiteWorks. You should ask my permission before borrowing code from this ruleset.

If you want to contribute you can do so here: or you can use the [Donate] button above.

There is no guarantee that this extension will do everything you want or expect it to, that the extension will be error free, that I will continue to support the extension, etc. Over time I may find I have more or less time or willingness to work on it.

Things to Note
This is a FGU only extension. It uses some features that are only available in FGU.

This extension has been created by Eldarc using Ruleset Wizard by Psicodelix (

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