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Open Spaces Animated Maps

by AngelaMaps

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Cherry blossoms in their fully pink beauty surround you as far as the eye can see, until errupting from the earth...

Your breath comes out steamy in the frigid air as you continue your trek through the snow, when suddenly...

The tall grass of the prairie offers low visibility, but so far little danger as you traverse it. Then, you hear a blood-curdling roar in the far distance...

The astonishingly well-preserved tiles of some ancient structure has avoided reclamation by the teeming jungle that surrounds it. A good place to find some respite in your expedition, but it appears you're not the only ones to have thought so...

Defy expectations. Embrace the innocuous. Prepare the random encounter table! This set of four fully animated stock maps are perfect for throwing your party into a place they wouldn't expect, out in the open, where wandering beasts or their foes might have the natural advantage for once!

Animation Preview:

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