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Apocalypse Urban Modern Tunnel battle maps

by Amatsu999

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The Tunnel map begins at the top, behind an embankment of rubble and asphalt, where a partially buried minibus is located. Players can navigate through the landslide using this minibus or start from the right side, where they only need to climb an embankment.

A camp is set up further south, offering an intriguing point of interest. Populate this camp with various characters—nomads, peaceful individuals, or hostile ones—or leave it abandoned to add an element of mystery or investigation.

The structural and thematic similarities make this battlemap of the abandoned tunnel well-suited for use in a tabletop RPG session set in the Channel Tunnel (or Chunnel).

The second map, named Exit, depicts the end of a journey through a sinister underground road. It is deliberately less detailed to serve as a more versatile battlemap, allowing you to add your own story elements. As the name suggests, Exit represents the way out—the end of the tunnel—with vegetation starting to encroach upon the tunnel's exit...

Apocalypse Urban Modern Tunnel battle map general details :

🌆 Post-apocalyptic setting : Fallout, Vermin 2047, Degenesis, Zombie setting, Aftermath, Infected
🎲 Compatible VTT Roll20, Foundry, Let's Role, Fantasy Grounds
⬛ Gridded & non-gridded
🖼️ Resolution : 1157 x 2734
📏 Size: 66 x 30 squares
🤖 No AI used

UUID 30ac9844-2729-11ef-af21-0050562be458