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Live Hitpoints

by bmos

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This extension automates changes to hitpoints based on an ability score.

Compatibility and Instructions

This extension has been tested with FantasyGrounds Unity v4.3.8 (2023-04-25).


  • Tracks ability effects in the combat tracker to affect maximum hitpoints
  • Tracks ability mod to affect hitpoints
  • Separates hitpoints into compendent parts: Rolled HP for static/'rolled' HP and favored class bonuses, Ability HP for hitpoints calculated from ability scores, Feat HP for hitpoints provided by supported feats, and Misc HP for tracking of anything else.
  • Adds effect tag: "MHP: N" to raise max hitpoints (rather than temporary)
  • Negative levels now lower hitpoints by 5 per negative level.
  • Automates the Toughness and Improved Toughness feats in Pathfinder 1e and the Toughness feat in 3.5E.

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