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Spell Failure

by bmos

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This extension allows rolling arcane failure chance when the cast button of a spell on the actions tab is clicked and handles reminders when casting verbal or somatic spells with certain conditions active


  • Roll arcane spell failure chance when appropriate.
  • Alternately, based on option toggle, simply prompt the user to roll via a chat message which includes the spell failure chance.
  • Add effects FSF and NSF to force or negate spell failure.
  • Add effect SF: [n] to allow spell failure chance to be raised/lowered by effects. SF: 10 increases 10% spell failure to 20%. SF: -10 decreases 20% spell failure to 10%.
  • Add condition effect "Silenced" to check for spells with verbal components. If such a spell is cast under this Silenced condition, it will alert in chat that this is not allowed.
  • Auto roll 20% spell failure if casting verbal spell while deafened.
  • Request concentration checks in chat when casting somatic spells when grappled or entangled. Warn about impossibility when casting somatic when pinned.

Compatibility and Instructions

This extension has been tested with FantasyGrounds Unity v4.3.8 (2023-04-25).

In-game controls for enabling/disabling/configuring some extension components are in FantasyGrounds' "Options" menu. To change which classes have an arcane failure chance in different types of armor/shields, change the table in scripts/spell_failure_options.lua.

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