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Vehicles 1

by Pharoid

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Tokens and images/assets of vehicles for use with MGT2 (Mongoose Traveller) ruleset.

RequiresMGT2 ruleset (Mongoose Traveller 2E ruleset)

tokens and images only.  Vehicle statistics require MGT2 (Mongoose Traveller).

Tokens can be dropped on a map and sized appropriately using ctrl-mousewheel.  Images are sized for 100px squares but you can change the scale to fit any grid size.

I use NPC (robot) entries for my vehicles and mostly track them in the combat tracker but different groups probably do it differently.  So I'm just
providing the tokens and images.

Distributed in the Vault.

3 unique open top airrafts
2 unique covered airrafts
2 unique ATV's
1 unique G/Carrier
1 unique G/Bike
1 unique G/Floater

1 unique AFV
1 unique tracked tank
1 unique cargo handler
1 unique Herkel heavy utility vehicle

Air rafts 2 and 4 man mostly 300x150 (3 squares by 1.5 squares at 100px grid)
2 ATVs 500x250 and 500x300
G/Carrier 600x300
G/Bike 200x80
G/Floater 125x100

the rest are generally in the range of 200x300.

Includes some alternate textures and renderings of unique models. 

Updates since initial release:

Added 1 unique AFV (3 tvariations)

Added 1 unique tracked tank (2 variations)

Added 1 unique cargo handler (2 variations)

Added 1 unique Herkel heavy utility vehicle (2 variations)

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