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Oceans, Islands, Rivers, & More Water Battle Maps

by HarmonyTheBard

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Oceans, Islands, Rivers, & More Water Battle Maps

Prepare for battle on the high seas! This 4K resolution module is perfect for random encounters.

Ahoy there! Are you looking for simple, high resolution battle maps? Do you need to run combat or role play sessions on an ocean, sea, river, pond, lake, whirlpool, island, ship, boat, or other body of water? This battle map module by Harmony the Bard is perfect for you!

This module includes 22 battle maps with grids and the theme is waterbodies. Lead your adventurers on a journey across open oceans, down winding rivers, along the shores of lakes, over rocky islands, through a massive whirlpool and more!

All maps are 4K resolution and include grids for combat.

Disclaimer: Player Characters may experience complications including but not limited to sea sickness, scurvy, leaks, stowaways, and in some extreme cases... a watery grave. Talk to your DM to find out if maritime combat is right for you.

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