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Feature: Spell Action Info

by Zarestia

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IMPORTANT: The extension name changed to reflect the function changes. Due to this, the extension will now list twice, please use the Spell Action Info extension. You can safely delete the Spell Casting Time Labels extension.

This is an extension to show the spell casting time & spell components in the actions tab. Massively helps while planning out your next move in combat, also works for NPCs (only 3.5e & PF1e).

Spell Components can be shown via a client option in the options menu. The default is off.

If you've got questions, feedback, ideas or anything else, feel free to post in the extensions thread.

The following table illustrates which text gets converted (3.5e/PF1) for easier reading, everything gets copied 1:1.

Original Text in "Casting Time"
Converted Text in Character Sheet
1 standard action
1 swift action
1 immediate action
1 full-round action


1 move action
1 free action


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