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Advanced Fighting Fantasy

by damned

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Advanced Fighting Fantasy

This a basic ruleset for the old school Advanced Fighting Fantasy RPG which can be found here: [url][/url] for about $14. You will need the Full Rules or at least the Advanced Fighting Fantasy Quickstart. Its a pretty simple system but it is a lot of fun to play with the right group.

Legal Stuff

Under US copyright law game mechanics are not protected. This DBR (damned basic ruleset) includes mechanics from the game system it is written for but does not include content and other copyright protected material. This DBR is not licensed, endorsed or sanctioned by the games copyright holders. Some parts of the code in this DBR may be copyright SmiteWorks. You should ask my permission before borrowing code from this DBR.


These DBRs take a long time to learn the game system, plan the project, develop and test the code and create graphics. I do it to enable more people to play what they want to play on Fantasy Grounds. If you find this DBR useful and you want to encourage this kind of work please consider making a donation via paypal to help feed my RPG habit. This DBR is 100% free to use and no donation is required.

If you want to contribute you can do so here:


There is no guarantee that this DBR will do everything you want or expect it to, that the DBR will be error free, that I will continue to support the DBR etc. Over time I may find I have more or less time or willingness to work on this DBR. It is what it is.

Commercial Ruleset

There is a commercial Advanced Fighting Fantasy ruleset that is being coded by another developer. If you like the Fighting Fantasy RPG then I encourage you to also buy that ruleset when it becomes available.

Fast Start

Here is a quick overview on how to use the ruleset: [url][/url] You should watch the video to understand how to use the ruleset.

Things to Note

This is a FGU only ruleset. It uses some features that are only available in FGU.

I think every Character and NPC sheet function except for the up/down arrows is double click rather than single click. 

Skill rolls, Luck Rolls, Magic rolls, Attack Rolls, Damage Rolls, using Skills, using Equipment, Potions, Rests etc are all Double Click. Same goes for the actions on the Combat Tracker.

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