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Halt! Player Safety / X Card

by damned

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There has been some recent discussion about how players can signal that the game may have taken a turn into topics or descriptions that are making them uncomfortable. This simple extension adds 2 small icons at the top of the chat window like this:

When double clicked (I have set it to double click to avoid accidental usage) it will output a message to chat like this:

At that point the GM and Players should evaluate the current scene and accept that someone is out of their comfort level and rework the story.

The message is anonymous and not tracked in any way.

This extension (or similar) is something that you should consider using when running one shots at conventions or for a group of players you dont know quite well. You might also use this extension when introducing a new player to an existing group.

Other names: Player Safety, X Card, Stop light, Stoplight, Traffic light

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