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Shadow of the Demon Lord

by damned

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Shadow of the Demon Lord

This (WiP) is a basic ruleset for the fantasy RPG Shadow of the Demon Lord which can be found here: for about $19. You will need the Full Rules or at least the Players Guide.

The ruleset is playable at this time but there is still plenty of work to do. Help from the community in testing the ruleset and providing direction and feedback would be greatly appreciated. I need interested parties to subscribe to the Forge entry and share the experiences and ideas with me on the forum page.

Legal Stuff

Under US copyright law game mechanics are not protected. This DBR (damned basic ruleset) includes mechanics from the game system it is written for but does not include content and other copyright protected material. This DBR is not licensed, endorsed or sanctioned by the games copyright holders. Some parts of the code in this DBR may be copyright SmiteWorks. You should ask my permission before borrowing code from this DBR.

Commercial Ruleset

We will be building this into a full Commercial release ruleset.

Things to Note

This is a FGU only ruleset. It uses some features that are only available in FGU.

Incremental updates 20220619

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