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NPC Flavors

by Tideturner

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This extension adds flavors to the name of NPCs that are added to the combat tracker through encounters.

It replaces the numbering (if enabled) FG normally puts at the end of the NPC name. This flavor is only applied to a certain percent of the added NPCs. You can set that percentage in the options panel.

An example could be that "Vampire 3" becomes "Vampire (Bouncy lip hair)"

If no flavor is applied to the NPC, the numbering is not replaced.

Flavors are generated from sets of random words / descriptors. Depending on the NPC type, only certain sets are used for flavoring.

Current flavor sets:

  • Clothing (dapper beret)
  • Body parts (tattooed shoulders)
  • Hair and beards (mangled pencil moustache)
  • Build (noticeably short)
  • Behavior (bitter scream)
  • Fur (unmanageable fuzz)

Note, only certain rulesets have these types defined. The rulesets with types defined are D&D 5E, D&D 2E and Pathfinder 1.

All other ruleset will treat the NPC type as humanoid. So you might get a crocodile dressed in a "Sophisticated blue sweater".  But hey, those are the chances we take in this wild and dangerous world of role playing games.

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