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Absorb Effect

by rob2e

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An extension for 4E/5E that adds two new Effects that can be applied to the Combat Tracker.  The new effect implements the Damage Absorption trait that some monsters have like the flesh golems Lightning Absorbtion trait or the Iron Golems Fire Absorption trait. Typically any creature with an Absorption trait will also be immune to that damage type.

New Effects
ABSORB: damagetype This effect will trigger whenever the creature receives damage of the specified damage types. You can include multiple damage types in a list separated by a comma. When damage of the specified type is received, the creature will instead be healed for that amount.

ABSORB2: damagetype Same as ABSORB except only heals half the damage taken rounded down.

Example Creatures
Clay Golem - ABSORB: acid
Iron Golem - ABSORB: fire
Flesh Golem - ABSORB: lightning

Black Dragon Mask - ABSORB2: acid
Green Dragon Mask - ABSORB2: poison
Blue Dragon Mask - ABSORB2: lightning
Red Dragon Mask - ABSORB2: fire
White Dragon Mask - ABSORB2: cold

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