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Eyes Beyond the Torchlight 1e

by Saagael

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IMPORTANT: This product is currently outdated. Instead you can get the free 2e version of this product here

Eyes Beyond the Torchlight, a roleplaying game of fantastic adventures. Powered by the innovative Target 12 Game System with its single roll attack and damage mechanic. Eyes Beyond the Torchlight is a simple, intuitive, player-facing game perfect for new, or old, GMs and Players. Contains 4 standard character archetypes that are customized by various Edges and Hindrances. 7 classic character ancestries, from Dwarf to Human. Over 175 Monsters... Treasures... and More!

The Target12 ruleset is a game system designed for ease of use that combines the fun of rolling dice pools with the simplicity of the d20. The ruleset is built to work seamlessly, and is feature rich with automatic defense, attack and damage handling, effects, items, spells, and more.

Copyright v. 1.2 Workhorse Publishing 2021, by Scott Myers. Distributed by Saagael with permission from Workhorse Publishing.

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