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Spell Record Actions

by Zarestia

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Sometimes the save, damage and/or heal fields don't display the actual value. This is partly due to having no actual character data (e.g. Level, etc.). You can always check the actual values by clicking the magnifying glass.

What this extension does:
- Support for now: 3.5E/PFRPG/5E
- Adds actions and effects to each spell record (idea and inspiration from PF2e ruleset)
- 4 buttons to add cast, damage, heal, and effects as the right-click menu is imo user-unfriendly
- 1 clear buttons which deletes all created effects
- 1 parse button which parses on click.
- Extended parsing when there is a duration to easier track time of effects/spells. Sets to "self" when "Personal" is in range or effect/target

If you find any bugs, please report them in this thread. Also if you have any suggestions or the like, please post them here.

Please se the ~1min demonstration video:

UUID a8d1a42e-48b3-11ec-8c52-0050562be458