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by Zarestia

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Please use the forum thread for discussion and detailed update information.

This ruleset is early work in progress. Future updates until full release can break an existing campaign, play at your own risk.

The rules can be found here: FFd20 Rules



The FFd20 ruleset is not authorized, approved, licensed, endorsed, sponsored by, nor affiliated with Square Enix. It is a non-commercial, fan-made ruleset for a tabletop roleplaying system. No alleged independent rights will be asserted against Square Enix.
Any trademarked names are used in a fictional manner; no infringement is intended.
This rulest is presented for simple personal use, not for sale or re-sale and thus is and will stay free.
This ruleset is based off a merge of the 3.5E and PFRPG ruleset. The originally ruleset and included content are copyright by SmiteWorks USA, LLC

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