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by MeAndUnique

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Current Version: 3.0.3

Introducing: Kit'N'Kaboodle. This extension focuses on enhancing interactions with items. The following features are provided:

  • Adding actions to items. A new Action tab has been created for items that allows defining their actions. When an item is equipped any of its actions will be shown on the characters Action Tab, either under powers or weapons (right click to move).
  • Adding charges to items. This allows ease of tracking charges on items. Each power on an item can also be configured for the number of charges used on activation.
  • Adding inventories to NPCs. The primary benefit of this feature at present is to give NPCs items that have Actions.
  • Item recharging. The ability to configure automated recharging of items.
  • Time-based recharge. When used in conjunction with the Clock Adjuster extension items may be configured to recharge daily at Dawn, Noon, Dusk, or Midnight.
  • Adding automation for what happens when an item is fully discharged (or consumed).
  • Equipped Effects Support. When the two extensions are used in conjunction, the power automation feature of Equipped Effects will add the power to the item.
  • Automatic Effects data. Leverages data in Automatic effects to automate item recharge configuration for items equipped while using Equipped Effects and Clock Adjuster.

Hope it helps!

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