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NPC Generator

by sedgetone

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So, you're playing The Haunting and one of your PCs has a furniture related fatality and no secondary character built... how can you quickly get that player back into the game? Maybe that librarian or police officer they spoke to earlier in the story can be narratively worked in, but they'll need some stats. That's where this little module has you covered, with names from the classic period and the ability to quickly generate a human NPC's stats, they'll quickly be able to re-join the investigation. This NPC's record could then be shared with the players in the case of a fatality, so the game doesn't have to stop.

Maybe you're playing more of a sandbox type of story and your investigators are confront by a group of cultists or are jumped by a group of gangsters. Quickly add a group of human combatants to the Combat Tracker with the provided Encounter. The basic person NPC is equipped with a .38 revolver and a knife, so they're immediately prepared to fight with minimal effort on the Keepers side.

What's in The Mod?

  • X3 Name Tables - Randomly generate a male or female forename along with a surname in English, Japanese or Spanish.
  • Story Templates to generate stats, occupations and backgrounds for NPCs.
  • Person NPC - Generic human NPC, complete with all base skills lists and armed with a pistol and knife. Handy for an instant policeman or cultist that your players may encounter. Or simply use it to generate stats for a name you've generated from the name table.
  • Encounter - You suddenly need x5 Cultists for your PCs to fight, no problem! Just open the Encounter, adjust the number and alignment of the NPCs, and click the arrow to add them to the Combat Tracker.
  • Story Templates - Templates are provided, a male and female NPC generator for English, Japanese and Spanish. This will roll on the name table and generate a Story record with the new name, as well as traits and other useful bits of information to get your creative juices flowing. Just follow the information on the newly created Story entry to build out their stats quickly and easily.
  • Reference Manual covering how to get the most out the module.

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