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PFRPG - Kingdom Building - Player

by dllewell

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This module contains the Kingdom Building rules from Ultimate Campaign. I have tried to organize it in a way that makes sense for Fantasy Grounds so the data is all the same but the order varies slightly from what is in the Ultimate Campaign book.

This only contains the base rules, it does not contain any of the optional rules.

There are forms for the Kingdom and District sheets but, due to copyright reasons, none of the Building Tokens are included.


There are 2 versions of the module. The GM Version and the Player Version (this version).

The GM Version has all the information. The Player Version has most of the information but is specifically missing any of the exact bonuses and minuses.

If you don't care if the players see all the bonuses and minuses than you only need the GM Version, which you can share with the players. But if you would like to keep the players in the dark about the exact numbers then you will want both modules. Then you can share this Player Version and keep the GM Version hidden.

The reason they are separate modules is so that you can have the players download this Player Version to there own campaign for reference outside of your campaign.

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