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5E Sustenance Tracker

by rob2e

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  1. This 5E extension allows the DM and Players to track eating/drinking as it relates to the Starvation and Dehydration rules from the Players Handbook.

    These rules are primarily followed when PCs are traveling and do not have ready access to sources of food/water.

    On the character sheet Actions tab, a new section has been added with fields to indicate the total food carried, and players can elect to eat and drink using the +- buttons added.

    Eating and Drinking are tracked in 0.5 lbs increments.

    When a long rest is pushed, the amount eaten and drunk is reset to 0, and a message is output to the chat indicating any potential effects that may need to be applied.

    An option has been added to turn off the tracking when PCs are in town or a location with easy access to food/water.

    This extension does not attempt to track food/water which are items in the inventory.

    It also does not automatically add exhaustion effects to the Combat Tracker.

    Tracked Rules:


    -PCs need one pound of food per day
    -PCs can make food last longer by eating half as much, which counts as half a day without eating
    -PCs can go 3 + Constitution modifier days without food, after which doing a day without eating causes an automatic level of exhaustion
    -A normal day of eating resets the count of days without food to zero


    -PCs need one gallon of water per day two if the weather is hot
    -PCs that drink only half the required amount must make a DC 15 Constitution saving throw or suffer a level of exhaustion each day
    -PCs that drink less than half automatically suffer a level of exhaustion
    -If the character already has one or more levels of exhaustion, the character takes two levels in either case

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