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3.5E & Pathfinder Size Changes

by SoxMax

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Extension for Fantasy Grounds' 3.5 and Pathfinder rulesets that adds a effects for manipulating a character's size.

SIZE effect will modify a player's attack, ac, cmd, cmb, fly skill, stealth skill and damage dice on weapons. Additionally if the option is enabled it will modify the Space the occupied on the battle grid, and the Reach using a best guess.
ESIZE will modify a player's damage dice on weapons.

The 3.5 rules for size changes:
The Pathfinder rules for size changes:
I'm using Paizo's FAQ on damage dice changes for both rulesets:

SIZE(N)[bonus], [range]Size change
ESIZE(N)[bonus], [range]

Effective Size Change

REACH(N)[bonus]Reach modification

Static Reach

  • Sets reach to N
  • Other reach effects are ignored
  • Only the largest SREACH is applied

(N) = Only numbers supported for value attribute

[bonus] = alchemical, armor, circumstance, competence, deflection, dodge, enhancement, insight, luck, morale, natural, profane, racial, resistance, sacred, shield, size
[range] = melee, ranged


  • Enlarge Person; SIZE: 1 size, melee; STR: 2 size; DEX: -2 size
  • Reduce Person; SIZE: -1 size, melee; STR: -2 size; DEX: 2 size
  • Lead Blades; ESIZE: 1 size, melee
  • Gravity Bow; ESIZE: 1 size, ranged

Source code can be found here:
Contributors: @Lichtblitz

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