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Dice Jail for CoreRPG Rulesets

by AlaskanFalcon

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The premise for the Dice Jail extension is simple, players get frustrated when the dice on a "cold streak" and feeling like they are constantly rolling low, and they need a way to vent their frustration. While Dice Jail can't actually change the underlying RNG Seed for the dice roller in Fantasy Grounds, we can move forward in the chain by rolling a bunch of dice. That's where Dice Jail comes in, it rolls 60 dice and can optionally change the dice color for a player to help them feel like something has changed with their dice. How many times have you played physically and just swapped to a new set of dice? This aims to replicate that experience for those who have "rituals" about dice.

Dice Jail adds an icon to the FG desktop next to the Dice Tower and players can simply click on it to activate the Dice Jailer (or Smelter) and have options to "chuck" their dice and "get new ones".

The intention for this extension is to simulate the reset of the Dice Rolling RNG (as sometimes some players are hot or cold) and should simulate the real world feeling of putting the dice that are acting up away, grabbing a new set, and doing a few test rolls. As developers, we do not have access to change the underlying RNG seed, so this extension simply rolls 60 dice (10 of each type) and can optionally change the color of the dice for the user. This functionality works for both players and GMs and will output a message in the chat when a player "chucks" the dice.

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