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Legend of the Five Rings for MoreCore

by damned

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Legend of the Five Rings 5th Edition

This extension requires the MoreCore ruleset. It should provide all the basic functionality required to run Legend of the Five Rings 5th Edition.

To make a roll select a Skill by clicking its modifier button and then click the Ring that you will use with that Skill. This will roll the appropriate number of Skill and Ring Dice. It will record the number of each dice on your character sheet on the front tab. If you have any exploding dice to use then this will appear above the d6 in the rolls result frame. Click the d6 to roll these extra dice. Once all your dice have been thrown you may remove dice by editing the result window. Then click the chat icon to display your final result in Chat.

Weapons should be in the following format - 

Dice String: /damagel5r (p1)d(p2)+(p3)
Enable Formula: Tick
Param Formula: /damagel5r (p1)d(p2)+(p3)
p1: Number
p2: Dice
p3: Modifier

Bug fixes

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