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Against the Darkmaster - Core Rules

by Open Ended Games

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Against the Darkmaster is a tabletop Epic Fantasy roleplaying game of high adventure, heroic action, and heavy metal combat.

If you put together works like The Lord of the Rings and The Wheel of Time, sprinkled them with a bit of Labyrinth and Dragonslayer, and put everything in a blender together with a healthy dose of classic Heavy Metal, you’ll get a typical Against the Darkmaster game session.

Travel to distant lands, face terrible dangers, uncover ancient items of power, and gather the armies of the world  to defeat the ultimate Evil.

Prepare your digital dice and get ready to fight!

The Core Rules includes over 570 pages converted into Fantasy Grounds:

  • All Vocation, Kin, Culture records ready to drop and drag.
  • All 80 background options
  • 92 unique NPCs with tokens
  • 380 spells and 38 Spell lores
  • An introductory Adventure is also included with the Core Book.

Please note: Requires the Against the Darkmaster ruleset!

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