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5E Inanimate Manager

by rob2e

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5E Inanimate Manager

Ever wanted the players to be able to shoot out the lights or pick up an item from the map?

Want to manage Traps and Hazards separate from the Combat Tracker or get prompts when they could be triggered?

Inanimate Manager may be just what you need!

It acts like the combat tracker, but for items!

Items now have Tokens and NPC Data, meaning they can be put on a map, targeted, attacked, damaged, and even damage the players and NPCs back!

Treat Items just like NPCs without having them clutter the combat tracker!

New Room Dressing and Random Room Dressing records allow you to prepare for the environment like you would for a combat encounter!

Make traps into items and place them on the map to trigger prompts for the GM to roll perception, select targets, and make actions!

Inanimate Manager adds a new option for when players double click a token you can make an item with the type "Container", and give a list of items.

When they double-click the token for that container, they get it and the items that are contained within it.

You can set a skill roll that must be passed to get the items, and you can set a saving throw, damage, and effect to occur.

You can also change how many items are received.

Also, item types that are set to "shapeshifter", "plant", or "construct" do not get the automatic resistances other items get, so that they can be added to the combat tracker without the need to edit.

This is so you can set up mimics and rugs of smothering and much else.


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