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Player Agency

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Player Agency Extension

GMs have always had far more to do than players. Game prep, game management, keeping all the elements of the story linked coherently and managing a whole world of NPCs.
While a virtual tabletop provides so many tools to make these things easier there is still a disproportionate amount of work to be done by the GM. In addition there are things that the players would like to be able to do but are limited by the database limitations.

This extension combines three recent extensions that give both the GM and players a lot more ability to create and track notes on the game world that they are operating in.

World Builder is primarily a GM tool that allow the GM to flesh out the game world in a more structured manner than just using Story entries. Currently it supports Places, Groups, Personalities and Religions. There are two fields in each World Builder record that contain information visible to the players if the GM shares the record. In addition the Players can append their own notes to the Player Notes field and these become a part of the record and are visible to other players and the GM. For more information see the basic user guide here:
The GM can now tick a checkbox to share each section - except the GM Description.
World Builder now supports a page of rollable stats - one section that are visible and usable (but not editable) by players and another section that is GM only.

Investigator is primarily a player tool that allows the players to create their own shared and interactive Clue sheets to track knowledge and leads in one location. If the player creates the Clue and sets it as Public other players can see the Clue and can add their own notes to the PC Notes field. The original creator has complete control over all fields including notes added by other players. For more information see the basic user guide here:

Dear Diary is primarily a player enhancement that allows the players to add their own notes to the campaign Calendar. Any day that the GM has entered data on becomes available for the players to add their own notes to. This allow the players to record the data that they think is important into the calendar which can help with long campaigns and investigations. Players can add links and other formatted text too. For more information see the basic user guide here:

Support added for players editing content from Modules
The record needs to be Shared not just loaded in a Module
When selecting additional fields for players to view they may have to also close and open the record.

If creating content that will be reused I suggest you do it in a campaign reserved for that.

Updated 2023-03-28

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