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Malady Tracker

by bmos

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This FantasyGrounds extension helps track disease duration, saves, effects, and other information.

Compatibility and Instructions

This extension has been tested with FantasyGrounds Unity 4.3.1 (2022-11-16).

If you're using this with Pathfinder, you should absolutely get the Maladies Library module as well. This module contains over 600 pre-entered maladies.

You may also want to use my Upgrade NPC Actions extension to have links added to NPC notes tabs so you don't have to search for the right malady in-game or during prep.


  • Tracks diseases or poisons that are incurred.
  • If poison, show buttons to increaes DC or duration (for subsequent doses/exposure)
  • Manual button to roll against listed save DC and announce success/failure
  • Automatic counting of rolled saves (automatic or manual), taking into account consecutive/nonconsecutive requirements.
  • Kelrugem's IFTAG support (diseasetracker, maladytracker, infestationtracker, etc -- IFTAG: diseasetracker; SAVE: 2)
  • Automatic rolling of variable onset, duration, and frequency when the malady is added to the character.
  • Notification message in the chat when a poison or disease that has multiple possible DCs is used (to remind the GM to set the DC).

Video Demonstration

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