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Map Tiles Sample Pack

by Tailz Silver Paws

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The sample pack includes a limited range of art assets compared to our other map tiles packs. The pack was designed around a Pink Marble theme with a collection of pink marble floor tiles, including a set of feature tiles with a blue marble stripe pattern.

Combined with the floor tiles are overlay tiles for the pink marble wall texture, which also includes a Window overlay and door assets. Together these assets can be employed by Game Masters to create a wide variety of buildings for their players to explore.

The real advantage of these map tiles is in the granular nature of map design when intermixed with other different themed map tiles sets.

Map Tiles Scale

Each map tile is designed to fit a map grid of 180 pixels square. We use this size for virtual tabletop maps as it provides a map where the artwork is quite detailed without being overly large and cumbersome. Plus 180 pixels per each 5ft map grid gives us a 1ft to 3 pixels scale. Thus when creating an adventure map with Studio WyldFurr's Map Tiles, remember to set the map grid to 180 x 180.

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