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Secure, Contain, Protect (SCP) Agent

by rob2e

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Secure, Contain, Protect (SCP) Agent

“Class: EUCLID

Description: SCP Agent takes the form of an extension on the Fantasy Grounds VTT, somehow allowing access to SCP Foundation files and creating instances of said SCPs within their campaigns.

Link - SCP Wiki

The SCP Agent is monitored on the Fantasy Grounds Forge with the following description:

SCP Agent is the tool you need to bring wild and crazy anomalies from the SCP Foundation into your settings! 

SCP Agent works with any ruleset, creating a button on your NPC Library. 

This new button, named “SCP Tracker” will open a window. 

In this new window, you will be able to click the “Pick” button to generate an SCP. 

You can pick a number of entries, a random number using a die string, or a specific SPC if you enter its SCP-###. 

New entries will make an NPC and a link to the web page for the SCP entry. 

You may edit these NPC sheets as you like, and change their containment status. 

SCP Foundation is a creative wiki page for anomalies, classified and reported in dossier-type documents.

Because some SCP are incredibly detrimental, we urge you to use caution with incorporating them into your campaigns.”

Due to pressing movements by researchers assigned to the SCP Agent case, the designation has been increased from SAFE to EUCLID” 

Video here -

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