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PFRPG2 GM Enhancements

by dsaraujo

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The PFRPG2 GM Enhancement extension brings a bunch of new functionality for the Pathfinder 2 Ruleset. I build those for my own use as a PF2 GM, but I'm happy to provide them as-is for the community for a minimum price. Current version: 1.11.1With this extension, you'll have the following features:

Random Encounter Generator with preview

You can create random encounters for the given level range, optionally providing trait or skill filters, using all monsters/NPCs available to you via modules or campaigns. See the new button on top of Encounters (PF2 Random Encounters).

Generate Weak and Elite monsters with a single click

Any Monster/NPC/Hazard can be adjusted to a Weak or Elite version of it with a single click, completely transparent to your players. No more EFFECT+2/-2 workarounds. This is added at the bottom of all NPCs entries.

Encounter XP Calculator for multiple party sizes

PF2 have an elegant and robust encounter creation rules. You can now see the threat of each of your encounters given your party size and level. Missing a player? You easily adjust the encounter back to Moderate removing a creature or adjusting it to Weak template. The calculation is automatic, and you can see the changes in the Encounter entries.

Random Item Parcel Generator

You can easily create a single treasure random parcel to all a level worth of items for your party and manually adjust or split to distribute treasure as expected by PF2 rules. Having the item level at the treasure parcel helps you to plan accordingly. It also adds a field to indicate if the item is a consumable, making it easy to do substitutions. The button is on the top of the Parcels window (Random Treasure).

Item Crafting Calculator

Crafting is not PF2 best feature, but you can at least take the calculating pain out of the way with a very simple craft calculator you can launch from any item entry window. Just input the crafter level and proficiency, and their craft roll to check all the results from that craft attempt. The craft button is shown next to the item level (for level zero items you need to unlock the entry). You need to enable this feature on the FG options window.

Earn Income Calculator

Wanna quickly check how much money per day of downtime you can make on a Society Game? Just check the coins icon on top of your skill list on the character sheet (coins icon).

Hero Points distribution

An easy way to give hero points to the party, or to zero them out at the beginning of a session. You (or the party, with the proper permission) can also see how many hero points each character has, and you as the GM can award individual points as well. All this is added on the Main tab of the Party Sheet. There is also an option to limit hero points given to 3 (no further hero points will be given if the limit option is on after three).

NPC Builder

Build new NPC/Monsters with a base template with all appropriate numbers for the creature level. It also includes base templates from the Gamemastery Guide. Now includes an option to create creatures without adding level, for the Proficiency Without Level optional rule. Just click on the button New on the Bestiary window.

Rune Forge

Create new magic items merging base armor and weapons with precious materials, fundamental and property runes. The forge will calculate the proper cost and add all rune data to a single item. Look for the Rune Forge button on the top of the Items window.

Spellbook/Wand.Scroll Builder

Create custom Spellbook items with links to the spells and pre-calculated cost. Open the Spellbook button on the Spells window, and drag spells you want to add to the book there. If you drag a single spell, you can also create a Scroll or Wand.

Additional Slash Commands

Now you can use /damage and /heal chat commands for quick draggable damage and heal entries. Just type in chat /damage [dice expr] [damage type] or /heal [dice expr]. For example, you can do /damage 2d6+6 slashing . You can also use /dmg for a shortcut. You can use /xp to award XP to all PCs on the party sheet.

Remove Max HP on Drained effect

If the option is toggled on Combat options, when a PC on the combat tracker gets a Drained effect, the character sheet will reduce its maximum HPs by the drained value times the character level. This, however, will override any other temporary HP setup, so only enable this if Drained is your only source of changing max hp.

Improvements Planned

  • Add Gems/Arts/alternative to cash on Random Encounter calculator
  • Craft Calculator could get rolls or do rolls for characters
  • Better interface for craft calculator
  • More rune support on Rune Forge
  • Create a formula book creator

Disclaimer: As a Fantasy Grounds extension, this tool can break your game and will modify your campaign database. Please have backups, and use with care. Future maintenance is expected but not guaranteed.

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