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Trigger Me Timbers

by MeAndUnique

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Current Version: 0.2.1 **Preview Release**

Trigger Me Timbers is an extension for any CoreRPG based ruleset that adds support for creating triggers that can respond to events occurring in the game with automated actions.

This is accomplished through the use of a new Active Triggers window accessible in the upper right hand corner near the Combat Tracker. Each trigger consists of one or more events and one or more actions. Further, each event may include zero or more conditions. Whenever the associated event occurs during play, each of the conditions is evaluated, if they are all satisfied all of the actions take place. Individual conditions may also be inverted to account for a situation that must not be satisfied for the event in order for the action to take place. Both conditions and actions are situationally available, depending on the triggering events.

Two modules are included: "TMT Core Examples" and "TMT D&D 5E Examples" which include a handful of trigger definitions (accessible from the Triggers in the Campaign section of the sidebar) demonstrating how this extension may be used. To use these examples in your game simply drag them to the Active Triggers window. The following examples are provided:

  • We Hate Ones - CoreRPG - Any time a roll is made by a creature that has a "Hates Ones" effect active in the combat tracker, all of the 1s in the roll will be replaced with 2s.
  • Death Ward - D&D 5E - Enables the functionality of the Death Ward spell for any creature than has a "Death Ward" effect active in the combat tracker.
  • Elemental Adept - Fire - D&D 5E - Automates the Elemental Adept Feat for the portion that treats 1s as 2s in the damage roll. NOTE: This does not differentiate between different damage types if the roll has additional types of damage.
  • Lucky (Halfling) - D&D 5E - Automates the Lucky trait for Halflings, rerolling all 1s for attack rolls, ability checks, and saving throws.
  • Undead Fortitude - D&D 5E - Automates the trait of the same name on Zombies, automatically rolling a saving throw if damage would reduce them to zero hit points, reducing to one instead if they pass.

**NOTE** As this is a preview release there may be occasional hiccups in functionality and many quality of life features have not yet been implemented.

Check it out and please let me know if you have any comments or concerns.
Hope it helps!

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