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Add Party to Map In Formation

by seansps

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9/7/2022 - NOTE: An update to CoreRPG has deprecated this extension. This is now a CoreRPG feature managed and used directly on the Order tab of the Party Sheet. Please check there for future Formation management and "Drop to Map" features.

This extension lets you click-and-drag an option on the Image Toolbar to place your party on any map (using their defined formation under "Marching & Formation" from the Party Sheet!)

How it Works:

  1. Ensure all party members are placed in both the Combat Tracker and the Party Sheet. In the Party Sheet make sure you define their Formation on the "Marching & Formation" panel.
  2. Open an Image (Map) you want to place them on
  3. Expand the Toolbar. Click And Drag the "Add Party" option to place them on the map at the desired location. This is a new button directly left of the "Zoom to Fit" button.
  4. If you want to change the direction of the party to face East, West, or South, simply right-click on the button. Select "Set Direction" then select the desired direction. Note the change of the button graphic (shows an "E", "W", or "S", if changed.)  Then click-and-drag the button onto the map.


  • v1.8
    • Fixed the UI Scaling issues caused by the FG 4.20 update.
  • V1.7
    • Position of button changed to directly Left of "Zoom to Fit" Button (see screenshots)
    • Position is now anchored properly to move as the window resizes
    • Updated the graphic to use the same as the rest of the toolbar, using altered versions of the Party Sheet icon for direction
  • V1.7.1
    • Quick change to update graphics of direction settings


  • There may be conflicts with other extensions that also modify the toolbar.
  • This extension should work on any Ruleset (5e, CoreRPG, etc).
  • Please report any issue on the Forum thread, and I will address them as soon as I can!

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