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An Unofficial Ruleset for Cyberpunk RED

by seansps

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Developer Note: 

Please consider switching to our new official release of Cyberpunk RED!  The official release has double the features and automation, with all the content of the Core Rulebook!

Official Ruleset:

I have moved all development over to the official ruleset and will no longer be supporting the unofficial ruleset, though it will remain here on the Forge for a time.

All future content releases for Fantasy Grounds regarding Cyberpunk RED will only support the official version above. Additionally, Characters / NPCs / Items, etc. created in this unofficial version will not be importable to the official release as much has changed.


This is a fully functional fan-made ruleset created for Cyberpunk RED provided for free to the community! Please report any issues or feedback on the Forum Thread. 


  • Per R. Talsorian Game's Homebrew Policy, the modules do not contain descriptions or NPC stat blocks. Examples of NPCs have been provided in the main "Cyberpunk RED" module to help you get started. A supporting Lifepaths module is included to automate rolling on those tables (also used by the Character Wizard) as well as a Roles and Items module which contains all the Roles and Items in the Core Rulebook with descriptive text removed, per the Homebrew Policy. The GM can add the text back to these entries from the PDF.
  • The included "Cyberpunk RED" module must be loaded for Critical Injury automation to work, or, the two Critical Injury tables can be copied to (and loaded from) a different module. 
  • The included "Lifepaths for Cyberpunk RED" must be loaded for the Character Wizard to work (or those tables copied to another module.) 
  • If the included "Roles and Items for Cyberpunk RED" module is loaded, these Roles and Items will be used and added to the character sheets via the Wizard.
    • This module also contains Skills:
    • Skills do not have the descriptions from the Core Rulebook here, but GMs can either A.) Add the description then "share" the record so that Player's can view the description on the character sheet / wizard OR B.) Create their own modules containing the Items / Roles / and Skills in this module and, add the descriptions there, and load their new one instead.
  • There are two themes. A default light theme and a dark theme that you can select as an extension called “Theme: Cyberpunk RED Dark”.
  • For a full "Manual" for this ruleset (WIP), click here.

General Features:

  • Character Wizard to create your character with any of the three methods
  • Roles and Multiclassing
  • All Skills, rollable, exploding on 10 and 1
  • Death Saves are automatically rolled
  • Weapons and Armor can be Equipped/Unequipped from the Inventory list
  • Ammo can be tracked, reloaded, etc. and if it has its own damage type (or value), it overrides the weapon’s.
  • Cyberware tab with slots for all types and automated for bonues
  • Cyberdecks on the Actions tab, Programs can be Activated by the Netrunner
  • Abiltiies on the Actions tab for Solo / Netrunner / Martial Arts abilities
  • Lifepath Tab has a rollable Reputation field for Facedowns
  • Tables for Critical Injuries, rolled automatically if loaded
  • Tables for Lifepaths (used by the Character Wizard)
  • Right click on a Character Sheet and click Rest on a character to "Rest" them
  • Rollable Night Market Generator with links to Items
  • Fully automated Combat, with NPC types for Mooks, Team Members, and Programs.
  • Vehicles can be created with their own tokens and stats, and can be added to the Combat Tracker.
  • Convert exported character sheets (XML) to PDF at this URL:
    • Select the XML file, choose “Cyberpunk RED” as the system and click Convert XML


These effects are used by the system. Replace X with a number. Seriously Wounded and Mortally Wounded apply their penalties automatically.

  • ATK:X
  • Cracked Skull
  • DMG:X
  • FIRE:X
  • Fumble Recovery
  • INIT:X
  • Mortally Wounded
  • SAVE:X
  • Seriously Wounded
  • Stabilized
  • -X to All Actions
  • Death Save Penalty is increased by 1.

ABLATE:X ablates armor by X if it gets through (for armor piercing rounds)
INIT adds the value to initiative
SAVE adds the value to their Death Saves it is automatically added on the CT when saves are rolled (in addition to any "Death Save Penalty is Increased" effects.)
DMG increases damage by that amount, before armor
DMGMULT multiples, before armor
DEFLECT is used for Solo's Damage Deflection (ability included in module)
FIRE:X will add "X" fire damage at the end of the turn (remove the effect if the character puts it out with an action!) directly to HP

Damage Types:

The following damage types can be defined on Weapons, Ammo, and Abilities. Damage is applied when targeting an enemy as usual or if drag and dropped from the Chat output.

  • Not specified - Generic damage, per usual
  • Direct - Ignores all Armor and does not ablate, does not cause critical injuries
  • REZ - Only affects programs
  • Poison, Fire, or Drug - Ignores all armor, does not ablate, and does not cause critical injuries
  • IGNORESPX - Ignores SP less than X (Example, 3d6 IGNORESP11 will do 3d6 damage and ignore SP less than 11, otherwise check as usual. Damage ablates armor that gets through.)
  • Explosive - If cover destroyed, full damage gets through, otherwise, stopped like usual
  • HALFSP - Ignores Half the target's SP rounded up -- Use this for "Melee Weapon" damage for NPCs. (This damage type is automatically used when PCs deal damage with a Melee Weapons skill, NPCs need this damage type to be specified.)
  • Electricity, Electrical, Lightning - damage that is reduced by armor, does not ablate armor, and does not cause critical injuries
  • NOCRIT - damage that does not trigger a critical injury if 2 6's come up
  • IGNITEX - If any damage is done, a FIRE:X effect is applied to the target (to deal this amount of fire damage at the end of their turn) - unless they have an effect of equal or greater value already. Replace X with the amount ignited by.
  • SUBDUAL - This damage type does not reduce the target below 1 HP, does NOT ablate armor, and adds Unconscious effect if the damage would reduce them below 1
  • SUBDUALX - Similar to SUBDUAL, but if they have X HP remaining, they start to die instead.  (For use with Rubber Ammunition, i.e. SUBDUAL1).
  • ABLATEX - Ablates armor by X when dealing damage that gets through, instead of 1. The ABLATE:X effect overrides this.
  • EXPANSIVE - If the "Foreign Object" injury is rolled, another one is also rolled and applied.
  • RESISTX - This damage causes the enemy to roll a "Resist Torture/Drugs" check vs the DV (defined by X). If they fail, they take the damage direct to their HP, and does not ablate armor. (Used by some ammo, ex: "2d6 resist13" for Poison Arrow, and "0 resist15" for Flashbang.)

Damage types can be combined via comma separated strings, e.g. "2d6 halfsp,subdual,nocrit"


Issues? Feedback?

  • See an issue? Please report it on the thread and I will do my best to address it!
  • Have feedback? All feedback is welcome! Please post on the thread.

For Patch Notes and updates, check the Forum Thread!

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