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Mad Nomad's Animated Combat

by Mad Nomad

5.00 Avg. rating
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This extension (currently only for D&D 5E) will allow you to trigger animation effects when specific triggers happen during combat. This gives a more interactive and engaging combat experience.

GMs and players can fully customize these effects and triggers as well. Currently, the animation effects available are major and minor screen shaking, blood splatters, and several image overlays. They can be triggered by a variety of events such as criticals, taking damage, or hitting. Depending on how people end up using it and the kind of requests I get, I will evolve these over time.

Check out the video demo for a better understanding of what this does.

(Please note: This extension requires you to have at least 1 player connected for the animations to work)

Jump in my discord server to let me know what other kinds of animations, triggers and effects you'd like to see.

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