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Swords & Wizardry Complete Rules

by Mythmere Games

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This is the ENNIE-award winning clone of the 1974-1978 rules of 0-edition Dungeons & Dragons.

This product contains four (4) separate modules: 

- The Player Book, with all classes, races, equipment and the basic rules you need to play the game

- The Monster Book, which contains over 150  NPC records and Monster Descriptions  broken down by HD.  Ready to drag and drop into your game

- The Referee Book, which contains detailed rules for siege combat, mass combat, and ship combat.  It also contains magic item and treasure tables.

- The Spells and Magic Book.  This book contains spells for Druids, Clerics and Magic Users as well as the rules governing magical research. (over 120 spell records and tables)

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