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Rob Twohy Module Updater

by rob2e

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Rob Twohy Module Updater

This Fantasy Grounds extension serves as a “one stop shop” regarding the updating of all the Rob Twohy DMs Guild modules. These would typically be the ones with purple covers on DMs Guild. Thanks to Mad Nomad for the construction of this extension.

The purpose of this extension is to:

  1. Keep your Rob Twohy modules updated automatically

  2. Allow you to load any/all of said modules into the campaign WITHOUT having to clutter your “MODULE ACTIVATION” window.

    As of FEBRUARY 2024, The 14 "Coding Modules" are available here on the Forge. If you have the Forge versions, the updater will not recognize them; however, since updates are automatic on the Forge, this is redundant and unnecessary.

    Click here for the video.

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