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B9's Steel Defender Module

by bratch9

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This module provides a class/background/race/item/powers/pregen for a 'Steel Defender' from the Battle Smith Artificer.

Included is a pre-generated 3rd level Steel Defender player character.

By building a custom 'class/background/race' this allows a player character version of a steel defender that can level up with the Battle Smith Artificer.  This helps keep a lot of the abilities in correct sync, as the proficiency bonus should match as both player and defender can level up at the same time.

Included is an weapon item and a number of 'action powers' to cover the features of the steel defender. These are configured in the provided 3rd level pre-generated steel defender.

On a level up,

  • Hit points of '2 + the artificer's Intelligence modifier + 5 times the Artificer Level' will need to be recalculated.

If the Battle Smith changes intelligence modifier these items on the action tab will need to be updated,

  • Force-Empowered Rend: Use your artificer's Intelligence modifier in the ATTACK bonus, to configure 'your spell attack modifier'
  • Improved Deflect Attack: Use your artificer's Intelligence modifier in the DAMAGE bonus of the 'DMG' effect line.

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