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B9's Surprise Round Extension

by bratch9

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An extension to roll a surprise round and place 'surprised' effects onto the combat tracker.

Adding to the host combat tracker 2 buttons 'PC' and 'NPC' that rolls stealth and perception checks for 'friendly' or 'foe'. The button is who will be 'surprised'

The 'PC' button is used when NPC's (foe) want to surprise the PC's (friendly) , and the 'NPC' button is used when the PC's (friendly) want to surprise the NPC's (foe)

This is processed by rolling stealth for the required group. Effects are taken into account. For NPC a 'stealth' skill is looked for or 'dex' bonus is used as a fallback. The lowest stealth roll is then checked against 'passive perception'.  Due to using effects, this is processed against a 'perception' roll. Once the rolls are made the D20 is replaced with a value of 10 ( or 15/5 for Advantage/Disadvantage ) as required to convert this to a 'passive perception'. NPC are checked for a 'passive perception' senses, and 'perception' skill or a final fallback to 'wis' bonus. Any character with a lower passive perception than the lowest stealth from the group then gets an effect 'Surprised' added to them as they did not notice the stealthy group.

Included is the effect support for 'IMMUNE: surprised', which will reject the addition of the 'Surprised' effect as expected.

On the end of a character turn the 'surprised' effect is automatically removed, as that character can now use reactions.

This is processed on the host side and will result in possibly a lot of dice rolling, so 'manual' rolling is not advised.

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