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Better Menus

by celestian

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Using this extension will replace the sidebar with a drop down menu option on the top left of the FGU desktop. 

The menu buttons add new features such as the "Books" (quick access to any module loaded with reference manual) and direct access to modules listing.

This also allows you to "unlock" the portraits and move them to somewhere more convenient and the Dice Tower will be on top of the "desktop view" map.

This replaces the SIDEBAR with a Menu button system.

Note: This does not work with Savage Worlds ruleset because of it's own special coding.

I've tested this with CoreRPG and 5E. It should work with "anything" that is properly layered on CoreRPG.

This extension is not needed if using the AD&D 2E ruleset as it's built in.

You can find more information on this extension in the FG discussion forums here:

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