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DoIP - Custom Map for the Ranch

by MisterNexx

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This is the map I've used for the Ranch encounter in my DoIP Campaign. It features the exterior of the Ranch as well as 1st and 2nd level of the house and a little cellar with all walls and doors for line of sight as well as some lighting where it should have been. 

You will find both pinned (to use it for DoIP) and unpinned (to use it for any other purpose) versions of the map.

 - In the unpinned version of the map you can also find a custom encounter that I used there. It features a band of orcs, with custom portraits and even a little bit of a backstory on their "Others" tab, as you can see in the image below.

 - The main map has the farmhouse covered with a rooftop that has line of sight added (for when the players approach from afar). If you switch the rooftop on/off, remember to also switch the walls section for the rooftop and the inside of the house (as in the picture below).

 - The grid has been set, but hidden (for better visuals). You can make it visible by clicking the "eye" button

 - Since the map is system agnostic, it can be used as part of your DoIP campaign or in any other ruleset as a dungeon.

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